A                D   A                         D

We were born in silence on the very last dark day

A                  E7               A               D

There was nothing worthy, Darling, nothing left to save.

              A         D                  A        D         A       D        A

Although the night was young, Still every song was sung,  And all the wine was drunk

     D       E7   D          A         E7        A

The pretense fell away. . . that very last dark day.


A                   D  A               D

Pretenders hanging ‘round denying any guilt

A                    E7                          A        D                      

Like corpses on the gallows (for the righteous) they had built

              A      D                   A      D         A     D         A

Somehow the battle turned,  Their lies began to burn, You and I watched unhurt

  D      E7      D              A    E7       A

Standing in the silt. . . that very first new day.




  A          D        E7       A                    D              E7      A

May you all stand and not one fall—When that which shakes, shakes one and all

             A        D               A         D

With stance aware as you—Seek what is good and true

             D  E7  D                   E7         A

Fear not to be the few. . . and build a world made new.


A                  D  A                          D

There we stood in silence. The world we knew was gone

A                    E7                      A             D

Hopeful, young, and fragile, we could hardly be called, ‘strong’

             A      D                    A         D            A    D           A

See how the barren land,  Waits for our hearts and hands,  With God alone we’ll stand

D     E7     D             (A)    E7       A

We’ll build again. . . and do you hear the song?