This song retells the story of Israel in Persia under the rule of Ahasuerus and Queen Esther. When Haman tricks the King into authorizing the genocide of the Hebrews, God delivers the people and even turns the battle in their favor. At the same time, it's a song to Generation Z, and a prayer of hope that they will be able to stand when everything around them is shaken and falling. Of the songs I have written so far, this one is the favorite of my older children and their friends.


A                D   A                         D

We were born in silence on the very last dark day

A                  E7               A               D

There was nothing worthy, Darling, nothing left to save.

              A         D                  A        D         A       D        A

Although the night was young, Still every song was sung,  And all the wine was drunk

     D       E7   D          A         E7        A

The pretense fell away. . . that very last dark day.


A                   D  A               D

Pretenders hanging ‘round denying any guilt

A                    E7                          A        D                      

Like corpses on the gallows (for the righteous) they had built

              A      D                   A      D         A     D         A

Somehow the battle turned,  Their lies began to burn, You and I watched unhurt

  D      E7      D              A    E7       A

Standing in the silt. . . that very first new day.




  A          D        E7       A                    D              E7      A

May you all stand and not one fall—When that which shakes, shakes one and all

             A        D               A         D

With stance aware as you—Seek what is good and true

             D  E7  D                   E7         A

Fear not to be the few. . . and build a world made new.


A                  D  A                          D

There we stood in silence. The world we knew was gone

A                    E7                      A             D

Hopeful, young, and fragile, we could hardly be called, ‘strong’

             A      D                    A         D            A    D           A

See how the barren land,  Waits for our hearts and hands,  With God alone we’ll stand

D     E7     D             (A)    E7       A

We’ll build again. . . and do you hear the song?