A                              E7
Someone gave to me a drink of water

  E                             A
Your blood made us children of the Father

I am learning how to be a daughter

      E7          E       A
And, I thank you for that love.

A                         E7
I was hungry but a sister fed me

E                                 A
Wrapped me in her clothing as you led me

I am not afraid you might forget me

A     E7         E        A
And I thank you for that love.



A            D        E7        A
And you will know them by their love

             D        E7    A
All their affections set on things above

This world is not their home

   A                           D
And your precious seed they’ve sown

         A         E7        A
You will know them by their love.


Faith in jeopardy, I have a brother

In my hour of need he was my cover

Hear our voices praying for each other.

And I thank you for that love.

Wake me in the night with songs like water

To pour out for your faithful thirsty warriors

Heal their wounds and keep them, Holy Father

Yes, I thank you for this love.


When I was a stranger, your love found me

To my searching heart, it was confounding

Drew me, held me, taught me, you unbound me!

And I thank you for that love.

Keep us in your hand like all the bright stars

Gather us like jewels scattered afar

Let us be the treasure of your own heart

And I thank you for your love.