3rd capo -strum

E                    A              E
I tried to learn to smile and just survive

    A                          E
To keep my balance with the changing tide

       A                     E               A
I was always looking for the right place and time

B7       E
To cry… to cry.

E                         E7    E
The fire has tempered me like steel

                          E7  E
The pain has taught me to be real

B7                                     E
Now I've found a love, found a love to heal

     A                           E
I’ll leave behind this settling for less

   A                   E
My spirit wants to rise and effervesce

A                             E  A
I was made to shine and iridesce

B7     E

E                  A               E
The storms of life have beaten me True Blue

      A                         E
I killed the fear and pain by speaking truth

     A               E              A
And found that I could live by loving you

B7          E
I do. . . I do.

E                     E7     E
And that’s enough to contemplate

                    E7    E
But I still want to resonate

B7                                 E  — E7
With music hope — yeah  music hope creates

    A                           E
To leave behind this settling for less

   A                         E
My spirit wants to rise and effervesce

A                        E  A
Now watch me shine and iridesce.

     B7                  E7


E              A                 E
They say that nothing - nothing ever lasts  

This Life is in The Rising, rising, rising

      A                             E
They say it goes, it goes, it goes so fast

That’s the speed of light still shining. . .

Shining, shining. . . iridesce!



   A               E
Iridesce.       Iridesce

   A         B7      E
Iridesce. …        iridesce!