I once, as a grown adult, had a dream that I was a child, afraid of a monster under my bed. God came into my room and listened seriously to my fears. Then he got a flashlight, a broom, and a vacuum cleaner and got down on his knees beside my bed. Out came papers, shoes, dolls, cobwebs, and dust. He invited me to look under the bed with him and see that there was nothing there. Then, without pushing me further, he got some juice boxes, some chips, and a few good books and crawled right under my bed. He handed me the flashlight and I crawled under as well and laid down beside him. There we had a book-reading-snack party all afternoon. Then we played a game to see who was fastest to crawl over the bed, underneath it, out the other side and back over the top again. I laughed so hard and had such a good time, that when it was time to go to bed for the night, I wished I could sleep underneath where it was cozy and happy instead of on top where I felt exposed and alone. Then I realized what had happened and I laughed. I woke up laughing. "This is the way to deal with any fear," I felt like God was saying. "Go there with me. I will stay with you in that place until every corner is iridescent and glowing." 


3rd capo -strum

E                    A              E
I tried to learn to smile and just survive

    A                          E
To keep my balance with the changing tide

       A                     E               A
I was always looking for the right place and time

B7       E
To cry… to cry.

E                         E7    E
The fire has tempered me like steel

                          E7  E
The pain has taught me to be real

B7                                     E
Now I've found a love, found a love to heal

     A                           E
I’ll leave behind this settling for less

   A                   E
My spirit wants to rise and effervesce

A                             E  A
I was made to shine and iridesce

B7     E

E                  A               E
The storms of life have beaten me True Blue

      A                         E
I killed the fear and pain by speaking truth

     A               E              A
And found that I could live by loving you

B7          E
I do. . . I do.

E                     E7     E
And that’s enough to contemplate

                    E7    E
But I still want to resonate

B7                                 E  — E7
With music hope — yeah  music hope creates

    A                           E
To leave behind this settling for less

   A                         E
My spirit wants to rise and effervesce

A                        E  A
Now watch me shine and iridesce.

     B7                  E7


E              A                 E
They say that nothing - nothing ever lasts  

This Life is in The Rising, rising, rising

      A                             E
They say it goes, it goes, it goes so fast

That’s the speed of light still shining. . .

Shining, shining. . . iridesce!



   A               E
Iridesce.       Iridesce

   A         B7      E
Iridesce. …        iridesce!