One of the young people I met through my kid's online schooling creates house-synth music and is quite good at it. He composed this chord arrangement and I asked him if I could turn it into a song. Our Creative server group participates in Inktober and other creative prompts throughout the year. This song was written for a "Creativity" prompt in 2019. Thanks to "Tectonic Horizon" for the chord arrangement!

capo 3

G                   D7   G     C                         D7   G
There is a rescue coming soon—when  “life” is written on the tomb

      C               G                         D7         G
In crayon by the children — And no one hides an old tried sooth

   C                            G                    D7    G
There, they keep and write the truth.—Or paint it on the ceiling.


   C                      G                   C             G
A day the answers can be found — Where youth, in thought, will not be bought

      C             G                                  D7
and wise invention lingers. — In the midst of rhyme or song

C                           G                           D7
An Artist’s fingers working long— Depict a world where love belongs.

      C                G                                 D7           G
Those who create are changing fate and hold the world in ink-stained fingers.        


G                      D7       G           C         D7       G
Though now we sing in darkened rooms—‘neath the heavy lies that loom

    C                G                               D7       G
Someday we shall be minstrels — In streets where children glad to learn

   C                        G                            D7  G
Write the books the wizards burned—and paint a brand new ceiling


Em                                B7
Those fingers work into the night—Unveil the truth, capture the light

       C                         G                       D7
Their’s is the way the fearless fight—Before whom devils cower.

     C                          G                           D7
The minds of those who live and learn—Hearts who strive to love and burn

  C                        G                  D7
Beyond the pale of this we yearn—Creating is true power!