Try to Remember


Introduction to Try to Remember album and reviews

Try to Remember

(1) A E A The lake has breached the levee now A E A The sky is filled with darkened clouds E7 D Feel the boat rock A And it &hellip

Crimson Thread

March 20, 2020 capo 2nd G Em I was born in Jericho C G Like a product, bought and sold Em B7 A7 D7 The only thing clean about me &hellip

Mama’s Lap

G Em Im living the dream now, living up town B7 Working 9-5 with a payment down A7 G C On cracker box house and a concrete yard G D7 &hellip

Eye Salve

G D7 G C Way up high, upon the shelf, put away like something else G That you dont want, oh, but how you need D7 G C It wont &hellip

We Are Waiting

C Am Lining up for the race—your heart was pounding C AM Em Feel the wind on your face, the whistle sounding F G C Learning your own pace, and &hellip