Try to Remember


This fifth album began in January of 2020 with a song that seem to write itself: Underneath the Altar/The Lord’s prayer. A feeling of coming jeopardy, but also rescue for those who are following closely, began to seep into Beka’s lyrics as some of her most musically complex songs were composed. At the same time she was writing the book, "Where the Danger Lies."  This album is still in the making, but promises to hold some of Beka’s very best music yet. Some of the newest songs have not yet been recorded.

Try to Remember

(1) A E A The lake has breached the levee now A E A The sky is filled with darkened clouds E7 D Feel the boat rock A And it &hellip

Crimson Thread

March 20, 2020 capo 2nd G Em I was born in Jericho C G Like a product, bought and sold Em B7 A7 D7 The only thing clean about me &hellip

Mama’s Lap

G Em Im living the dream now, living up town B7 Working 9-5 with a payment down A7 G C On cracker box house and a concrete yard G D7 &hellip

Eye Salve

G D7 G C Way up high, upon the shelf, put away like something else G That you dont want, oh, but how you need D7 G C It wont &hellip

We Are Waiting

C Am Lining up for the race—your heart was pounding C AM Em Feel the wind on your face, the whistle sounding F G C Learning your own pace, and &hellip