C                                       Am
Lining up for the race—your heart was pounding

C                     AM                 Em
Feel the wind on your face, the whistle sounding

F                  G                 C
Learning your own pace, and then you found it—

        F     G          C           AM
Ending like a dream, and everything you’d seen

      F          G        C
Were memories in silent, futile space.

C                         Am
Now I’m afraid of all the gathering rage.

C                   Am                Em
Trembling with the earth beneath your angst

F              G                 C
Three billion sleep, but so impatiently

F                G        C           Am
Restless for the game, destined to be great

F                 G                 C
This prelude is just something of a wait.

C       Am              Em       C             Am        Em
We are waiting. We are waiting. We are waiting all night long.

           Am                   Em                   F       G           C            
We are waiting, we are waiting. We are waiting for the dawn.


C                                Am
I heard your whispers all around my head

C               Am                Em
Saw your face alive, but somehow dead

F                    G                  C
Knew the fear would keep you, keep from your rest

F           G            C            Am
Agreed with your request to open an inquest

F                   G              C
Heard the promise, “even this will end.”


C                               Am
The Poet wrote a twist into the play

C                   Am               Em
The wait will end, and on the seventh day

F                     G                C
He’ll lead you out to win, win and celebrate.

  F              G                C         Am
You will see the day that mocks the unjust grave

F                  G                C
This prelude is just something of a wait.