I have not recorded this song yet, mainly because I am still working on the F chord, which gives me grief. However, it's getting there.


The song is based on a dream I had a couple years ago. I was wading through waist deep water into a large stone palace/church like building with vaulted ceilings. A curving stair on either side of me curled around and upward to a second story and over-looking balcony. As I waded, I kept bumping into objects in the water. A growing sense of dread caused me to wade faster in desperation to get out of the water and to the nearest marble stair. I began to hear whispers in the air around me, hundreds and thousands of young voices questioning me. And then I saw the objects in the water were the bodies of young people, mostly between the ages of 10 and 20. Their pale faces looked upward, out of the water, lifeless, but still somehow questioning.

"Where are we? What happened? Mom? Dad? Where is everyone? Please, someone help me. Where am I?"

I climbed the stairs, sobbing with horror, and realized the voices were everywhere around me inside the ancient, massive building. Then it was as though God came to stand with me and I was no longer afraid. He too, was sad and angry at the injustice of the stolen lives. "Wait," he told me to say, and I repeated it aloud.

"Wait a little while. It won't be long. This isn't forever. Your time is coming. Don't be afraid. Just wait."

Then I awoke. I discovered that Gen Z (10 - 25) now comprises 1/3 of the world's population. Their lives have been stolen by the choices of prior generations.

C                                       Am
Lining up for the race—your heart was pounding

C                     AM                 Em
Feel the wind on your face, the whistle sounding

F                  G                 C
Learning your own pace, and then you found it—

        F     G          C           AM
Ending like a dream, and everything you’d seen

      F          G        C
Were memories in silent, futile space.

C                         Am
Now I’m afraid of all the gathering rage.

C                   Am                Em
Trembling with the earth beneath your angst

F              G                 C
Three billion sleep, but so impatiently

F                G        C           Am
Restless for the game, destined to be great

F                 G                 C
This prelude is just something of a wait.


C       Am              Em       C             Am        Em
We are waiting. We are waiting. We are waiting all night long.

           Am                   Em    F       G           C            
We are waiting, we are waiting. We are waiting for the dawn.


C                                Am
I heard your whispers all around my head

C               Am                Em
Saw your face alive, but somehow dead

F                    G                  C
Knew the fear would keep you, keep from your rest

F           G            C            Am
Agreed with your request to open an inquest

F                   G              C
Heard the promise, “even this will end.”


C                               Am
The Poet wrote a twist into the play

C                   Am               Em
The wait will end, and on the seventh day

F                     G                C
He’ll lead you out to win, win and celebrate.

  F              G                C         Am
You will see the day that mocks the unjust grave

F                  G                C
This prelude is just something of a wait.