capo 2nd


G               Em
I was born in Jericho

   C                        G
Like a product, bought and sold

  Em                   B7           A7                   D7
The only thing clean about me was a hope that there was more

C                 D7             G
Someday You’d be knocking on my door.

C                       D7
I couldn’t wash out the stains

C                      D7                  G
Of ways pressed on me since the day I was born

C             D7                         G       
So I cried out, oh my God, for something more


 EM-C-G   C                  G
And then you. Lightening in the East

     EM-C-G   C                G
Split my sky, brought me to my feet

         C           D7    G      C  G
The only innocence I have, me and Rahab

  EM              C          G
I believe you’re looking for me.


You found the poor and basest  strands

Wove them together into the man

You called yourself, the man of sorrows, acquainted with my grief

And I was somewhere in that tapestry

You cast away the perfect lines

Moth eaten by religion’s lies and a thief

Then you chose the crimson thread of my belief


C                          D7               G
It doesn’t get better than this—the highest path

C                             D7         G
Who in his right mind stands before the Holiest

                C         G   - Em -B7-A7-D7
And claims he’s innocent? You alone.

   C                            G                 
You’re my innocence. And I am chosen

            C                      G
To stand in this place, and I will hold it

    EM                           C              G
I believe, I believe, I believe you’re looking for me.