Underneath the Altar / The Lord’s Prayer

 I recorded this song even as I was figuring out the chords. The first part came like one of the few songs that seem to exist outside of me until I "find" it. So, yeah, the recording sounds like I don't really know the song - because I didn't yet. It is also a wider range than I can comfortably sing. (A good cover by a better singer would be appreciated!) The second part, the Lord's Prayer, is older. It was waiting for the first part until a few months ago. The words are from Revelation 6, Matt 6, Luke 11. In spite of the poor recording, I have listened to this song more than any other! It gives me goose bumps.


Am                             Dm
Underneath the altar weeping voices heard

Am                        E7              Em       Am
They will not be silent, ’til the drunken whore is burned.

         C       E7  Em   Am
Till the Day of Vengeance comes.

Am                    Dm
There upon the altar, holy prayers are offered

Am                               E7      Em       Am
Praise the Lamb and rise up, the day of wrath has come.

     C            E7    Em   Am
The blood of the saints is avenged.

Am                 E7    Dm             E7
You will not escape him. You will not prevail

C             Am    E7              Am-Em     
He is King of Ages. He has heard our wail

         Dm                     Am
Against your city. Against your creed

              E7                    Am
Against your violence. Against your greed

                  E7                        Em    Am         
Your Creator has returned and it’s time for you to burn.

C, D7, G

G        C       G               D7        
Our Holy Father, Blessed be your name.

G        C       G               D7 
Your will be done, Lord, as in that place.

G        C       G               D7 
Give us today the bread that we need

G        C       G               D7 
Forgive our debts, Lord, as we forgive.

C                  G             C             G        C           D7
Lead us not into temptation, but deliver your children. From evil deliver!

G            C      D7           G               C  D7     G
Your kingdom come, your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.

 C                  G           C      G           C                     
Your kingdom come! Your will be done! Your kingdom come!

G            C      G   D7         G
Your will be done, hallelu, hallelujah!