A                         E      A
The lake has breached the levee now

  A                     E        A
The sky is filled with darkened clouds

     E7        D
Feel the boat rock

And it won’t stop

     A           E7        A
So many dreams beneath the sand

     A           E7         A
But no one has a place to stand

   E7      D
They push and shove

I’ll go above. . .



A B7                         A
I’ll sail my boat above the clouds

Wait till the washing’s all dried out

E7         B7
Then I’ll come home,

E7         A

A B7                           A
I’ll find your hand and dig you out

I’ll wash away the filthy doubt
E7       B7
Of buried Rome

Try to remember.


A                  E       A
If all our history lies beneath

 A            E     A
Mud banks of catastrophe

    E7             D
Black plagues and lies

Under fake skies.

It’s no surprise

   A                  E       A
That we don’t know how old we are,

A                   E       A
Where we’ve been or who we are

  E7      D
Before we die

We have to try.


A                    E          A
One, two, three and then we’ll wake

      A               E     A
Our seeded dreams will fade away

     E7      D
I hope we’ll feel

Naked and real

A                     E     A
We’ll write the books our fathers burned

  A                E      A
Never hide what we have learned

E7         D
Let’s see the stars

Learn who we are.