It was the first week of January 2020 and a vague hint of trouble-to-come was in the media. We went for a drive to a lake down south. The lake, usually half-dry and knee deep was completely full and water was seeping over the levee road. As we crossed over slowly, thunder rolled and it began to rain. This song came to my mind as though I were hearing it played from somewhere inside of me. I'm not sure, but I think the "speaker" is Truth, who, having been sent away, will always return to those who are willing to see.


A                         E      A
The lake has breached the levee now

  A                     E        A
The sky is filled with darkened clouds

     E7        D
Feel the boat rock

And it won’t stop

     A           E7        A
So many dreams beneath the sand

     A           E7         A
But no one has a place to stand

   E7      D
They push and shove

I’ll go above. . .



A B7                         A
I’ll sail my boat above the clouds

Wait till the washing’s all dried out

E7         B7
Then I’ll come home,

E7         A

A B7                           A
I’ll find your hand and dig you out

I’ll wash away the filthy doubt
E7       B7
Of buried Rome

Try to remember.


A                  E       A
If all our history lies beneath

 A            E     A
Mud banks of catastrophe

    E7             D
Black plagues and lies

Under fake skies.

It’s no surprise

   A                  E       A
That we don’t know how old we are,

A                   E       A
Where we’ve been or who we are

  E7      D
Before we die

We have to try.


A                    E          A
One, two, three and then we’ll wake

      A               E     A
Our seeded dreams will fade away

     E7      D
I hope we’ll feel

Naked and real

A                     E     A
We’ll write the books our fathers burned

  A                E      A
Never hide what we have learned

E7         D
Let’s see the stars

Learn who we are.