This is one of my own favorites. I think the music is beautiful (and should be played on the piano or violin) and that the poetry is compelling. That said, after recording it, I realized two of the musical lines are similar to a song by Green Day called "Wake Me Up When September Comes." My daughter assures me it's not. . .but I kinda think it is. So - heh, thanks and apologies to Billie Joe Armstrong. 

The lyrics of Eye Salve come from my understanding of Revelation 3:18. The idea is that wisdom costs earthly wealth. Gabe often says "poverty is the red pill." It will wake you up and let you see like you've never seen before. Not that poverty is a goal - no. Wisdom, understanding, the fear of God, this is our goal. But laying down earthly wealth has opened our eyes.



 G            D7       G                     C          
Way up high, upon the shelf, put away like something else

That you don’t want, oh, but how you need

                 D7         G                           C
It won’t expire, but you just might, if you don’t give your all to fight

                                            G, Em, B7,   A7             D7
The things you want, to find just what you need.         Find what you need.

D7                     G
Oh, weeping eyes that cannot see   

C       D7               C                  D7
Call to memory childhood scenes, when you believed.

          C                 D7     G    C  D7 G
When you believed, when you believed. Hallelujah!



Oh the price and oh the pain, wrapped up in the need to gain

Everything you want

And think you need.

Cast away the filthy clothes of worldly cares and so disrobe

To find just what you want

Is what you need.              Find what you need.

Oh, searching eyes and listening ears,

Lose the blindness of the years and just come and see

Just come and see. Just come and see. Just come and see. Hallelujah!


Paying everything to buy wisdom’s open, searching eyes

And learn to want

The very thing you need

All the darkness and the doubt were hiding secret pathways out

Now at last you’ll see

Where you could be.          Where you can be.

Buy eye salve, oh you, wandering soul,

Find a different kind of gold that will not burn like blinding greed

C                D7           C               D7   G     C D7 G
So you can see, you can see, you can see, you can see.  Hallelujah!