Wish Me Luck

Volume II of the Walk in Beauty Series

Wish Me Luck continues the story of the Morgan family from Will’s perspective, as well as from the perspective of a young bio-engineer named Molly Flynn. As Will contemplates starting his own family and building a self-sustaining life in the mountains of New Mexico, Doctor Molly Flynn is fighting battles on the genetic modification front. Although they are drawn to one another, reconciling their life-pursuits seems to be an insurmountable task. The life of a cancer-ridden farmer and the loyalty and prayers of a friend help Molly win her war and find the way home. As for Will, his luck turns out to be an extraordinary little redhead.


An idea, a dream of what could be, comes easily to me. In my mind I can see my farm, a place of production and beauty, right down to the &hellip

My Land

How much do you think it weighed? I asked Dad as we rode home in the half light of evening. Maybe a 150 pounds, Dad answered. She was smaller than &hellip

Molly Flynn

They call it Duke City after some guy from Spain back in the 1600s. All I know about him was that he was a viceroy of Spain and that he &hellip

Daniel’s Friends

After I finished building the fire, I set out some of my cedar wood stools while Ramona went into her tent to put on a jacket. The chairs really are &hellip

Will Morgan

When I saw them walk through the door, I was sure they must be lost. But the guy went straight over to the books and started looking through them like &hellip

Scare Away Molly

It was noon, and wed sat through our first session of holistic management classes. I was frustrated with all the philosophy and build-up, but somewhere under the words lay the &hellip

What I want

I have a size four mouth; its the same size as my shoe. I know because I frequently put my foot in my mouth, as the old American saying goes. &hellip

Home Sweet Home

We were on our way home again, and I couldnt have been happier about that. The city makes me feel like Ive got a flu: achy and miserable. I was &hellip


It sounds simple, Dad commented, as he glanced through the text book on land management that wed brought home. But this is one heck of a big book. Maybe its &hellip

Getting Started

Two feet to the right, Jake, I called. I straightened up from sighting down the small post Id pushed into the ground. Each one of the hard, plastic posts was &hellip

Eating Disease

The first few days after Will and Ramona had gone were lonelier than any other time in my life. I found myself listlessly walking up and down the halls of &hellip

Molly Arrives in Style

When are they supposed to get here? Jake asked impatiently, eager to meet the girl who was like him. It was a cloudy Monday morning. We were all doing last &hellip

City Girl

Molly and Jeremy both came to the barn to watch us milk the cows that evening. Jeremy had milked goats before, so he was more interested in our set-up than &hellip


For some folks, the hour of dawn is defining. If you miss it, youll go through the whole day without ever really getting started; youll be forever living the ending, &hellip

Holding My Own

Mum, I havent got time to chat, can you quickly tell me how to make your black bread? I was sitting in the drivers seat of my car with a &hellip

A House Divided

It wasnt a house. It was my mind that was divided. All of my life Id been focused on a goal I was sure I wanted more than anything else. &hellip

Happy People

I once saw a giant ponderosa pine tree with a piece of rusty barbed wire running right through the middle of it. There was no fence, but closer inspection revealed &hellip

Molly’s Return

At dawn it was raining. I was glad wed gotten the roof over my straw bale walls the day before. I still had to check on the herd though. So &hellip

Fight for Life

Its amazing how empowering it is to have someone on your side, someone cheering for you and giving counsel or courage when you falter. Its like a breath of air, &hellip

It All Fell Apart

I didnt know, when the second article was published, just how many boats I would rock and how far the ripples would go. Mike Stavanovitch wasnt just better, he was &hellip

Taking a Blow

Thanksgiving had come, and Mom requested the turkey be ready to slow roast in the horno after the bread was done baking. But, unlike other folks anticipating the upcoming holiday, &hellip

Of Love

As quickly as insanity and rage had fallen on my head, just as quickly it was replaced with peace and love. I awoke on the bumpy forest road that led &hellip

Bit of Luck

What changed your mind about Molly? I asked Ramona as we worked together, stocking the cabinets of my little straw bale house with canned goods. She smiled as she carefully &hellip

Note From the Author

All of the characters in this story are fictional, although there is a little bit of me in each one of them. Like Molly, I often find myself needing to &hellip

About the GMO Issue

I am not a geneticist, but I have been used as a lab rat from time to time. That is, until I realized what was going on. I escaped and &hellip