All of the characters in this story are fictional, although there is a little bit of me in each one of them. Like Molly, I often find myself needing to “let go.” Like Will, I have to remind myself to live with love instead of fear.

My great grandfather and two of his sons were respected mule trainers in west Tennessee. The first chapter of this book was inspired by some of the mule stories they told.

The less-consequential stories which make up the whole of Wish Me Luck are, more often than not, based on true events.

There is a little girl who believes the old mining song, Oh My Darlin', is about a poor man who lost his orange. The same little girl is known to “lose” her butter and need more.

There are some ornery siblings who keep trying to trick each other into holding onto the electric fence. Sometimes one or the other will succeed, to the entertainment of all.

And. . . there is a family in the mountains of New Mexico working, playing and loving each other day after gorgeous day, out where the pine trees smell like butterscotch, and a shy spider hides in the heart of the flowering yucca.

Rebekah Rising