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Tea Time Tarts

This tart is more like a soft fruit bar, but we make the filling “tart” so the kids began referring to them as “Tea Time Tarts.” They’re a bit of work, but my goodness, are they ever worth it!

Macaroni Casserole

This is a favorite and basic casserole that we have almost weekly during the winter. It is often changed up a bit with different colored sweet peppers, beef instead of chicken, green chile and more cheese, or broccoli instead of peppers. However, it never fails to please. I usually triple this recipe and make 3...

Arnica Poultice

Place a handful of arnica flowers inside of a thin cotton cloth such as an old T-shirt or a milk cloth. Fold the cloth shut or rubber-band it shut. Bring 2 cups of water to a boil in a small sauce pan. Remove from heat. Lay arnica poultice in the water to steep for about...

Breakfast Chimichangas

We have simply called these 'Breakfast 'Changa's' for so long, I doubt anyone else in the family knows the whole title. If you've ever had a southwestern breakfast burrito, just think of it being pan fried and browned crispy all the way around. I serve them with a dip of salsa mixed in sour cream....

Savory Roasted Chicken and Veggies

You'll love this roast chicken and garden veggie meal. But the best part for me is that it's really 3 meals in one. After the first night of roast chicken, the next day we have chicken sandwiches on homemade sourdough bread. Then I simmer all the bones and skin and leftover veggies under water for...


This recipe is based on a recipe from a May/June 1983 issue of Mother Earth News and is by Carol Ann Fuller. I have since learned to first bake my baking soda in the oven for an hour on 250 degree heat to make it more alkaline (lye). This "baked baking soda" has more umph,...

Peppermint Toothpaste

I keep a small jar of this in the shower as it is a bit too thick to pump out or squeeze. It is pleasant in both taste and texture, and it sure does the job! The coconut oil helps to remineralize sensitive teeth. Xylitol helps rebuild enamel, Baking Soda is cleansing, and Peroxide is...

Sweet Potato Pie

We had this yesterday. And last week. And. . . yeah. It's a staple. Sweet potato pie is a pie shaped multi-vitamin that tastes great with hot tea, cold milk and coffee. We have it for breakfast, and mid-afternoon snacks and for desert. You can sweeten it less or more and with honey or stevia...

Butter Spice Cookies

These are perfect tea time cookies!  

Chamomile Tea

Making any type of herbal tea with the flowers or leaves of a plant is quite easy. There are two ways mentioned here: hot-water brew, using dry herbs, and sun brew, using fresh herbs.