Health & Anatomy: We are studying the different bodily systems (circulatory, digestive, etc.). I traced each child age 2 and up on a huge piece of paper (I taped several big pieces together). After they cut out their life-size model, they decorate the face only. Then, as we study the heart, for example, they color a life-size picture of a heart and glue it on the appropriate place; and so on for each system studied.

Science: Find a small, white egg on a milkweed stalk. Place the stalk in a jar with a little water, in a safe spot outside. The egg should hatch in a few days, and the caterpillar will eat the leaves and grow before your eyes. Keep supplying new milkweed. He'll soon search for a place to spin his cocoon. To coax him to stay where you can see him, place a large box on its side, and place the jar underneath that “roof” early on. Then he'll probably affix himself to the “ceiling” of the box instead of somewhere less convenient. Within two weeks he'll shed his skin, form a cocoon and emerge one morning completely transformed. Dip your finger in sugar water and hang him outside on a flower so his wings will dry.