Where the Danger Lies

This story began as an epically long dream that beguiled Beka enough to start writing it down in a public Creative space for young adults. Their interest kept her going and the story quickly unwound itself for her readers, who loved it and talked about it for weeks. It then became the inspiration for a Minetest film that is being created by some of her children and their friends. We hope to have that available for our members eventually as well. In the meantime, here is the story itself. You decide if it is fact, fiction, or simply an entertaining tale.

Meeting My Fears

It was one of those early summer days when the green of the oak trees is most brilliant, and the carpet of Jacobs Ladder is blooming in vivid blue-purple patches &hellip

Rescue from Reality

The Nissan was old, and I yanked so hard on the handle it got stuck in a popped-up position without actually opening the door. This had happened plenty of times &hellip

Revisiting the Truth

I dont remember the rest of the day very clearly. I was given medication to calm my nerves, and then there was a dark room with bright lights, and a &hellip

Terrifying Evidnece

Guy kindly remained parked on the road beside me while I changed the tire. The whites of his eyes seemed more evident than usual and while he gave a constant &hellip

Victims of Confusion

My mind seemed paralyzed. I couldnt make sense of what I was seeing. There had to be an explanation. I looked back at the Ostrich and the girl. Was the &hellip

Writing on the Wall

I drove Kara to the E.R. where she left me hesitantly to go with a kind-faced nurse. As soon as she was gone, I looked around to find a Wolf &hellip

Cover Story

The next day I was fully awake for the first time in my life. I saw and heard the charade around me in a way I never had before. All &hellip

When to Lie

I waited two days, during which time, I acted like a model citizen. I even scheduled a doctors appointment to get an Ostrich-bite immunization. I donated to the Wolves Science &hellip

Keeping the Enemy Satisfied

Bang! Bang! Bang! Someone pounded heavily on my door and I heard the deep, raspy voice of a Wolf demanding I open it immediately. This is Protector Ralph from the &hellip

The Rule of Reality

Who – who is it? I asked with a shaking voice. Chinese take-out, the voice on the other side answered. It was a voice I had never heard before and &hellip

Fate in My Hands

Marcus came and went from the forest, eating very little and sleeping under hedges, as he waited for his sister to make an effort to escape her handlers. If and &hellip

The Way Out is Never Easy

I hit the brakes and leaned over to throw open the passenger door. Get in! I shouted. She did, without hesitation. Drive! she screamed, for the second time in our &hellip