I know, there are only supposed to be five senses, and neither balance nor emotion are on the list. But…

The kids have taken to describing the way emotions make them feel, and I find this is a very useful self-observation skill. It also helps develop strong physical control.

“I'm so scared we're going to get stuck in this mud my stomach is upset! But if I put it out of my mind and focus on being calm, then my stomach stops hurting!”

“I'm so happy that I feel like jumping up and down. I can't stay still! If I make myself stop thinking about my birthday then I forget I'm excited and I stop jumping up and down.”

“Why am I laughing? I can't stop laughing because every time I do then I picture David making a face, even when I'm not looking at him! I have to think of something else!”

Because of the kids constantly describing how they feel and figuring out the why behind each feeling, I've started to notice my own body's reaction to various emotions.

Observe how you feel and determine why, and then try to change the way you feel by changing what you are focused on.