Our children may not know what's in style, what movies are coming out, or be at the top of their “class,” but they all know each other's favorite color, song, book, story, and latest experiment.

Not a day passes by that we don't all troop outside to see something like a square snowman, an igloo made of ice chunks harvested from the cattle tank, or a rope and pulley elevator. We frequently discuss each other's talents and discoveries.

“Sarah's really good with little kids, isn't she, Mom? She figured out how to potty-train Rose with tea parties.” JudyLucy said.

“Yeah, she really is,” I agreed.

“And I'm really good at cooking and sewing.”

“You really are; that Apple Butter Roll you made was amazing. I bet America is going to be especially good at organizing stuff. Look at how she puts the dishes into the drainer. I don't even do that good a job.”

Everyone came over to the sink where three-year-old America was rinsing dishes for me and observed the way she perfectly stacked the clean plates and glasses where they go.

“Wow,” said David, “that is amazing. Do you remember how I used to rinse and stack dishes? They were like a big pile when I was done!”

America smiled with dignity and put another plate in the drainer with dainty perfection. She turned to smile up into my face and I smiled back at her.

“I see you,” I said.