Bible: We decided to act out Bible stories and got out the home movie camera. We accrued a big box of robes, wigs, etc. for costumes. Each child would get to act out a different character. Sometimes stuffed animals would help “fill in” for people or animals from the stories. We got very imaginative with Lazarus and the rich man: going into a dark room with a flashlight held under the chin helped portray the rich man separated from God. We have done Moses in the bulrushes, and Samson and Delilah (edited for kids), for which we took nylons stretched over arms and legs and stuffed with batting to create muscles. A single story could take all afternoon. I find a good rendition out of a Bible story book or just use the Bible. As the movie camera is rolling, I narrate and cue the kids. This combines history, drama, and Bible learning all rolled into one. They love watching their “shows” and can't wait to have Daddy watch. They also get a lot of details in their memory that they otherwise wouldn't pick up.