There is an unexpected story in the Bible about a king named Josiah who came to the throne when he was only eight years old. His father and his father's father for generations back are described by the author as doing that which is evil (summoning spirits, seeking guidance from those spirits and other oracles, child sacrifice, and a lot of murder).

Josiah was different. The story in the second book of Kings says that he was like his ancestor King David; he decided to do what was right as well as he understood it.

When Josiah grew up he decided to restore the temple which had been built by King Solomon for the God who had called himself “The Existing One”—the God of Abraham, Moses, and David.

When the restoration of the temple was in progress, a priest discovered a well-hidden book containing the laws of God. The book was given to the scribe, Shaphan, who read it and took it to Josiah.

King Josiah had Shaphan read the book aloud to him. When he heard this forgotten history and law of his people the King's reaction was to tear his clothes in distress. Although Josiah had not continued in the ways of his fathers, he had no idea just how offensive his people had become to their God. The warnings in the law terrified him and his reaction was to send his servants out into the kingdom to look for a prophet who still worshiped the Existing One, so they could ask what should be done.

The priests found a prophetess by the name of Huldah. She enquired of God for them and responded: Tell the man that sent you to me, God will destroy these people and this place because of what they have done, but because your heart is toward me and because of your response when you heard my law, you will die in peace. After your death I will destroy this people.

According to the story Josiah did live in peace and used his reign to try to turn the people back to the God of their ancestors. Josiah's country was invaded and taken into slavery by Babylon about 44 years later, during the reign of his son. The atrocities committed against Josiah's people during that war were utterly brutal.

You'd think that if the true story of history were available to anyone, it would be available to the rich and powerful. You'd think that if anyone knew where they had come from, it would be a “blue blood” with education and money. But the history and law of Josiah's people had been completely hidden from him.

I believe this is not a unique story. The actual events of history are often hidden by those who have something to lose if the truth were known. People that are ashamed of past action have to change the past or hide it. People that work for the “history makers” want to keep their jobs and won't be much help to you in your search for truth. You'll find history covered with dust, carefully hidden away, sealed in silence and forgotten. If you want to know the truth you'll have to go hunting for it. History is no exception.