As a note of interest on this subject of finding—and being—a true witness:

When I was done writing this book and wondering how I could afford to have it printed, a distributer called me and said that they would like to buy the first five-thousand copies. This initial sale would allow me to print The Da Vinci Road and fund the artwork for several children's books I've also been working on.

However when the time came to complete the deal, the distributer called to tell me there was one condition. I had to remove most of what my husband and I had written on the internet; anything that the distributer disagreed with.

A surreal feeling washed over me as I listened to the cheerfully delivered terms and realized that it was my turn now to be the sell-out, to taint the message for the money.

Apparent success shimmered within reach; it was surprisingly difficult to turn around and walk into the unknown with little hope of an audience.

What I've written is what I believe. Whether it is truth or not is another question—yours, I hope. But just so you know: I didn't take the bait.