I have been making audio cassettes for the children on one of those old black recorders you can get at Goodwill. Papa and I make poetry tapes, alphabet songs, country songs, rhymes to learn the seasons and months, tapes with our favorite books using a “ding” in between pages (and reading slowly), and tapes with Papa playing guitar songs he made up for the kids. I read two or three books on each side and put all of the books for that tape in a big Ziplock bag with the cassette. The old recorder is easy for a 3- or 4-year-old to handle without much help. I taped a P on the play button, and an S on the stop, etc. And of course I remind them that if they push the orange button, it's all over! These tapes will be played literally hundreds of times. I look forward to my kids and grandkids (if the tapes last that long) listening to them when they're older and giggling to hear their own tiny voices and baby squeaks in the background.