Bell of the Ancients

Volume One in the Burgeoning Gods series. Volume Two coming soon.

The Bell of the Ancients is a science fiction novel following the perilous and eye-opening journey of twin siblings, Leon and Eleanor Ascent, space pilots on a mission to find a new home for Humanity. Through a portal marked by the moon, they find a perfect new world, only to discover the inhabitants are dying of a strange disease which seems linked to their worship of an ancient artifact. It is too late to turn back, so Lani and Leon have to unravel the mystery or meet the very fate they had escaped on Earth.

Eden Lost

My brother had been piloting combat aircraft remotely since he was barely old enough to read. When the recruiters showed up at our house to solicit him with a fast &hellip

Portal to Another World

Our ship had been damaged in the backdraft of Earths burn. The E-fleet Base had taken a direct hit from a ground-based Direct Energy Weapon before we reached it and &hellip

Leaving it All Behind

We had two days left to get ready and one day to make the trip to the moon. Five fighter ships went to Mars and the three to Saturn. All &hellip

A Terrifying Solution

A quick orbit of the moon revealed nothing but dust, craters and abandoned ruins of space stations. It appeared as if the war had reached the moon and moved on &hellip

Gods of Nedan

It was necessary for Leon and I to go to different quarters, but now that I was resigned to the fact we couldnt leave immediately, my focus was on how &hellip

Fate of Rebels

The room was beautiful in a bare-stone sort of way, but I hardly noticed it at first. My mind was racing over the possibilities and implications of Ryonels story. I &hellip

Marchempor of Alomine

My situation had just become a lot more complicated. Not only did I have to cover for Leon and Ryonel, I also had to hide and care for two kids &hellip

Dreams in the Night

I slept like I hadnt in months. The room was completely dark and silent, unlike sleeping on a space craft, where something is always humming or ticking. There were no &hellip

Forgotten Generations

A glance out the window told me the gardens below were silent and dark. The rising sun would reach my high window several minutes before it reached ground level in &hellip

Starfort Estuary

Madia and I spent the whole morning with the children and ate both breakfast and lunch until we were completely satisfied. When the children laid down for their naps, we &hellip

The Aero

Madia snuck through the door only seconds later, imitating Bartroles walk with her small head high in the air and her chin stuck out like a snowplow. We were still &hellip

Monsters of the Dark Wood

The night flew by quickly as we began to test and tweak all The Aeros functions. The mercury power source had to be spun up and that took several hours &hellip

Messenger of Fire

I was standing on the wall, looking out to sea. The thicker atmosphere of Nedan resulted in softer hues. The ocean had a warm lavender undertone, while the sky above &hellip

Orphan Race

Up three floors and across the big room and the bridge, then down three or five? It must have been five. That was what Dante said, wasnt it? Every floor &hellip

The Shimmering Captain

I awoke about an hour before sundown. My first thought was of Leon. I believed he would get well, but mostly because of the dream. Hope based on the message &hellip

Bell of the Ancients

Madia was asleep on my bed, with the blanket over her head. She was, no doubt, covering for my absence in the event someone should come to check on me. &hellip

Ryonel’s Religion

Lani. . . I awoke to see Ryonel squatting beside the bed, poking my shoulder with one respectful finger. I rubbed my eyes and sat up. Good afternoon, Sleepyhead, he &hellip

Gift of the Elders

The streets of Solanti were silent and dark. The moons had not yet risen, and we could not risk a light until we were out of the city center. Ryonel &hellip