If I could give you any advice

On how to live a content, purposeful life—

Have I? Well, yes. I would say that

I did.

Why am I content now, at this end of the story?

‘Cause there was nothing I wanted more

Than just to follow my God, and

I did.

Prayer was important — talking to him.

I asked myself, “What is the point,

If I don’t talk to, and hear from, my Maker?”

I did.

Often I had to wait for his leading, and blessing

Sometimes in negative circumstances

During these times I wrote songs and prayers.


I know you are good at this too:

Music is inside of you, creativity overflowing.

You have a lot you want to say and sing—

You will.

You will be happy and blessed because of

Your willingness to wait on your Maker

To count what you have now as sufficient.

You will

Have people that care about you a lot.

You have us right now and we love you, so much.

Happiness is something you have chosen.

You will

Be great and do great things many times over.

Your strength is in being the child of God

Just stay in that spot. . . now and always.

You will.